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I apologize for the super wide variety of styles... Still working on finding one for myself OTL OTL OTL

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Random art that I like and is probably better than mine <3 and a lot of fan art olol


[DD] 000019 by SunoWolf
[DD] 000019
Clutch: 1st Gen
ID: ID 000019
Stage: Neonate
Elements: Clairvoyance
Colors: Purple
Modifiers: Camouflage
Phenotypes: Winged, Spiny, Gills

Ref - 900
[DD] Vidcervi by SunoWolf
[DD] Vidcervi

Name: Vidcervi -- Those who visit and frequent their shop often refer to them as Seer.
Element(s): Clairvoyance: Luck + Mind
Property: A decently small but well known and sought out shrine in a centuries old forest, from which they offer their services in the form of fortunes, aura reading, and other various things. People often come seeking answers, and Vidcervi has a wealth of other wordly knowledge at their hand to give -- if your intentions are pure of heart, that is. Those that might use Vidcervi's knowledge for any ill will are highly advised to steer clear.
  • Any version of what adds up to the question "What are you?" is always met in vague retort
  • Mask cannot be removed by force
  • They have a soft, light voice; many find it calming
  • Rarely travels from shrine
  • Appears benevolent, but is a generally neutral party
PMA: Morphos Mission by SunoWolf
PMA: Morphos Mission
Strongest Trait: Openness

Finally getting around to scribbling out missions :'|
Featuring some nameless random kid curious about a lute.
lutes look really weird
Fire Punch by SunoWolf
Fire Punch
you ever get so mad that you forget you're a pacifist and you just. punch the moon in the face.

suddenly remembered to upload this here :B ive been meaning to actually draw pma stuff and also to experiment more with coloring so this felt like a good excuse........ i never draw anything close to action poses CAN YOU TELL LMAO anyway i'm honored to have been given the opportunity to punch orwell in the face, it was very satisfying, thank u

i tried to show some scald damage on his shoulder but for some reason i....... went for the shoulder with the extreme lighting difference so it........... didn't quite work but i couldn't be assed to change it
Neil PMA App by SunoWolf
Neil PMA App
spends event ribbons at the speed of light to bring my boi back,,


NameNeil Zimmerman


BirthdayDecember 1st




Sexuality: Adventure (Unsure)

Affiliation: PMA-Co


Pokemon Stats

Level: 17

AbilityFlash Fire


- Bite
- Ember
- Helping Hand
- Flame Wheel



Occupation: Whatever small odds and ends jobs he can pick up

Town of ResidenceDoes a lot of moving between Lumiose City and Amie-Isle


    Neil is, to put it simply, a wild child. Pokemon or Pokehuman form, you can expect to find him gallivanting about and climbing whatever there is to climb just to get a view from the very top. He has big dreams and aspirations, and the drive it's going to take to achieve them when he's older. His high energy nature can make him reckless in his endeavors, too rambunctious and careless to think as far into the consequences of his actions as he should. This can get him into trouble pretty often, but so far, he's always managed to find a way out.

     He has a natural charisma and an overall friendly attitude, if not a bit too friendly; this can either be a welcomed lift in mood or a major annoyance depending on who it is that he's trying to convince to join him on one of his many little adventures. Probably the most annoying bit is his seeming inability to realize that someone thinks he's being annoying. He's just trying to have fun! He's a decent fighter for his age, but he has a tendency to be too overconfident in his abilities, which can spell even more trouble for him and whoever he's with. Still, he'll do his best, and his spirit is almost unbreakable -- though spirit can only get a growlithe so far.


    Oppositional of his wild nature, Neil was born far from the environment itself; he was bred while a trainer left Neil's parents at a daycare, and with no room for raising him on their team, he was transferred to the trainer's parents to keep. They were a middle aged couple, growing closer to elderly with every day, and they enjoyed having the company of the young pup around. Neil was the name they chose for him, and while it took some time for Neil to learn it as his name, he thought it was just fine (nowadays, he's just thankful he was never called anything like Scruffy or Spot.)

      The older couple ran a small antique shop out of their home in Ecruteak city, which, as antique shops often do, contained many valuable and equally breakable objects. As soon as Neil was old enough to run around without fumbling, the couple realized they had a problem. Their little growlithe was turning out to be the naturally rambunctious and energetic type, which they came to learn wasn't exactly ideal for their fragile shop wear. They had no desire to get rid of their beloved little Pokemon, but they didn't want to keep him cooped up somewhere, either. What were they to do? As it turned out, the answer presented itself when Neil managed to run out while the door was left open by a customer. The couple worried for him, but later that night, he returned with dirty fur and a wagging tail. 

     From that point forward, the couple decided to let Neil come and go from the shop as he pleased. It was during this short pan of years that he acquired his love for adventure and exploration, trying to see just how far he could venture off before returning home to his owners that night. Bell Tower and the remains of the burned tower were both favorites of his, as well as the wild areas just outside of the city. The mystery excited him! Eventually, there came a point where he would stay gone for days, but in the end, he always came back to them -- he felt like he had to. They cared for him, fed him, gave him a place to sleep, and loved him to boot! But... It was hard, coming back to his home -- their home, really. He might have been young, but Neil knew in his heart that he was never meant for this kind of slow life. He had the world to see! The old couple came to realize it too; they knew their little Neil well, even if they couldn't understand what he was saying like he could them. One day, the old couple grabbed him up, took him outside, and sat him down. One of them held his paw, and the other carefully tied a small red handkerchief around it, while both of them smiled down at him. With a pat on his head and a couple of kisses on his furry cheeks, they told him to go -- with words that he's adopted as a sort of mantra during harder times.

     "The going might get tough by yourself, but we know you're tougher. Go see the world -- as much of it as you can!"

     And that was his plan. With a thankful ruff, he was off to see the world! But his owners weren't kidding when they said it would be tough. Finding food and fending for himself was hard at first, but he wasn't deterred. Their words rang clear in his fuzzy little head, and the desire to adventure through every new area he could find drove the young growlithe to pursue on. Despite his mostly indoor upbringing, he had always had an affinity with nature -- probably just part of being a Pokemon -- and he adapted easily.

     Through his many adventurous endeavor, the young pup somehow landed himself in the Kalos region. He wasn't sure what to make of it, but boy, was he excited! He spent a number of weeks roaming about, taking in the sights, battling new types of Pokemon; whatever he could find to do, he was doing it. His path took him to Lumiose city, which turned into a bit of a hurdle, unfortunately. He was overconfident, and after venturing too far into some unsavory alley territory one night, found himself surrounded by some equally unsavory Pokemon. He was outnumbered and outmatched -- until a fire attack, stronger than any of his own, cut through the dark alley and had the Pokemon running off. Trying to find the source, Neil saw a human figure. A trainer? As the stranger approached, though, he couldn't seem to spot any Pokemon with them.

     As it turned out, the stranger was a Pokehuman -- a Houndoom who told Neil he could get the young growlithe a dittech of his own, if he helped him out with some errands every now and then. Neil, intrigued and thankful for the help, accepted immediately. The dittech he was given was one hacked by Appelon, just glitchy enough to make his teeth a little sharper than they really should be and his hair color patchy, but he really couldn't find it in him to care. He was a human! This would make exploring the world way easier!

     Well, sort of. He helped the Houndoom as promised, acting a sort of delivery boy, taking packages (with contents he wasn't allowed to know) to and from different places. In return, the Houndoom let Neil stay with him in Lumiose, and helped him get on his newly acquired two feet by giving him some much needed pointers on how to seamlessly blend into human life. As thankful as Neil was for the help, though, he still couldn't help but butt heads with the Pokehuman helping him -- he didn't agree with all of this illegal activity! So, in a huffy display of independence, Neil announced that he was leaving and set out on his own.

     His first order of business was taking his dittech to PMA-co to have it restored to its legitimate version (though he kind of liked his teeth and hair how they were, so he asked them not to mess with that.) After that, he decided to take up some sort of residence on Amie-Isle, mostly in his Pokemon form. He could live on his own just fine! He still ventures back to Lumiose City, though, picking up what odds and ends jobs he could manage, usually some sort of manual labor. And, he's still a kid; sometimes, he'll find his way back to the Houndoom, who always seems willing to let the growlithe stay with him for a few days until Neil decides to go back to working life out on his own.


Houndoom - Pokehuman who took him in. He has a name, but we'll get to him some other day.


- Takes extra good care of the handkerchief his old owners gave him.
- Takes a lot of falls and tumbles in his Pokehuman form, and as such, he tends to be covered in scrapes and bruises (and lots of colorful band-aids.)
- Enjoys taking advantage of the teleporters to quickly find new places to explore.
- Now that he has a Pokehuman form, he has big dreams of becoming a well known explorer.
- After learning to read, he's started looking into the history of the world, wanting to know more about it and the places that he, hopefully, will some day get to see.
- Stole his human last name from the Houndoom who helped him -- it sounds cool!
- Chipped his tooth after falling the first time he tried climbing a tree in his Pokehuman form.

Journal History

i am here for no real reason just thought i'd let u all know i'm not dead [peace sign emoji]


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